Pathfinder Financial Services

I'm here to take the volatility out of your retirement accounts.

Pathfinder is a full service retirement planning agency dedicated to providing every client with individualized financial solutions.  Pathfinder is an independent agency that strives to guide customers from their accumulation phase, through retirement and legacy planning.

Given the complexities of the financial market place, taking organized steps toward financial freedom is critical when bringing together your team of professionals.

Our Services

Life Insurance Products - Term Life and Permanent Solutions

Find the right life insurance

Term insurance, Buy-Sell Agreements, Key Person Plans, Executive Bonus Arrangements and Emerging Liability Risk.

Risk Management - Retirement Planning 

Fixed Indexed Annuity

Fixed Indexed Annuities are insurance products that protect against loss and can guarantee a stream of income.

Succession & Business Retirement Planning

Qualified Retirement Accounts

401k, Safe Harbor, Profit Sharing, Cash Balance and IRA's

Estate Planning - Wills and Trust

Estate Doc Pro

The Estate Docs Pro technology is specifically developed to make estate planning quick, easy, and affordable.

Thrift Savings Plan (TSP)

Leave it, Roll it over to an IRA or 401k

What to do next with your TSP?
Let's plan it together.

Accredited Wealth Management Advisor


The AWMA® designation program for financial professionals provides them with what they need to help clients capitalize on opportunities to preserve, grow, and transfer their wealth.


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